• « L’art est bénéfique pour la santé, tant physique que mentale et peut compléter les traitements médicaux traditionnels. »

    Rapport de l’OMS du 11 novembre 2019

  • « Les arts apportent une aide psychologique, physiologique, sociale et comportementale »

    Rapport de l’OMS du 11 novembre 2019

  • « Les arts en procurant une sensation de bien-être, activent les sens, stimulent l’imagination, les émotions et les fonctions intellectuelles »

    Rapport de l’OMS du 11 novembre 2019

  • « Les arts développent les interactions sociales et constituent un complément aux soins habituels dont ils améliorent l’efficacité. »

    Rapport de l’OMS du 11 novembre 2019

  • “The vision of an artwork stimulates the two faculties of our brain: pleasure and knowledge”

    Pierre Lemarquis, neurologist, author of “the art that heals”, Hazan, 2020

  • “The 1st good is health, the 2nd good is beauty”


Art dans la Cité

Art dans la Cité is an association whose ambition is to introduce art into the hospital in order to contribute to the patient’s well-being, to accompany his or her reception and stay, and to improve the working conditions of the staff. Innovative artistic activities are at the heart of its commitment to healthcare institutions. Convinced from the outset that by soliciting emotions, creativity and contemplation bring more humanity to the hospital, she has harmoniously accompanied the patient/carer care journey with art.


Illuminart is an innovative device imagined and created by Art dans la Cité to diffuse in the patient’s room, waiting and care spaces, works of art, visual and sound contents, chosen by the user. He can, depending on his mood, project an artwork, contemplate it, transform it, immerse himself in it.